Independent Expert Witness

Axiom’s directors are highly qualified and experienced in testifying across a wide variety of matters involving accounting issues, damages, valuations, intellectual property and financial investigations. They have provided expert testimony on matters ranging from complex disputes and investigations to smaller, single issue engagements.

What does it involve?

An independent expert witness can be the key to a successful outcome, so selecting the right one is an important step.

Independent expert witness work involves the calculation of economic loss, including areas such as business valuation or the assessment of damages arising from lost cash flows. An independent expert witness not only provides an expert report and oral testimony, the role also involves the examination, analysis, interpretation and reporting of issues relating to accounting and financial matters.

How we can help

Axiom’s experienced directors provide our clients with quality service in the identification, evaluation and quantification of damages and losses through our extensive accounting and finance knowledge and skills. We also utilise cutting edge techniques, including data analytics and statistics wherever possible, with the assistance of our experienced data analytics team.

As an independent expert witness we are experienced at providing expert reports and oral testimony should a matter go to court. Our reports are tailored to the specific issues at hand, including areas such as business valuation or the assessment of damages arising from lost cash flows.

Axiom is not connected to any of the major accounting firms, making the company truly independent. We also value our clients’ confidentiality, with discretion at the heart of what we do. At Axiom our quality service heavily relies on attention to detail in all aspects of independent expert witness requirements.


A brief summary of the services that we can provide as an independent expert witness includes:

  • Independent expert reports and testimony as an expert witness in court.
  • Quantification of damages, including loss of profits and future economic loss.
  • Business valuations for private or listed companies, assets, joint ventures and intellectual property.
  • Contract pricing and billing disputes.
  • Regulatory pricing disputes.
  • Critique of opposing expert reports.
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