Forensic Accounting and Investigations

Axiom’s forensic accounting and investigations services involve the application of our expertise in accounting, database analysis and interview skills and are often utilised by internal audit departments, internal control reviews, insurers and insured to assist with fidelity claims.

What does it involve?

Forensic accounting involves a wide range of specialist activities, including financial, fraud and corruption investigations.

Financial investigations are undertaken on behalf of our clients to identify the accounting issues and provide advice in the assessment and quantification of claims for economic loss.

How we can help

Our financial investigation services are used by regulators, corporations and higher education providers and our fraud and corruption and risk management investigations are often utilised by internal audit departments, insurers and insured to assist with fidelity claims.

At Axiom Forensics we have the experience and knowledge to ensure these delicate investigations and matters are undertaken appropriately and confidentially.

  • We apply accounting and other specialised skills for the purposes of discreet investigations.
  • We utilise our team of data analysts on matters that require the analysis of large or complex data issues, enabling our clients to address problems efficiently and effectively.
  • We provide advice, recommendations or reports on our findings in a manner most appropriate to the nature of the assignment.
  • We have extensive experience in fraud and corruption investigations and have been engaged to assist in criminal and civil matters.

Our services have included assisting our clients in the following areas:

  • Franchisee revenue reporting investigations and review of internal control procedures.
  • Contract dispute claims.
  • Transaction reviews.
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes.
  • Insolvent trading matters.
  • Warranty and misrepresentation claims.
  • Unravelling complex accounting matters and reconstruction of accounts.
  • Consulting services in discrete accounting issues such as pricing disputes, cost accounting and data analysis.
  • Intellectual property infringements.
  • Email abuse and business systems investigations.
  • Trading disputes, lease disputes and insurance claims.
  • Construction and building claims and disputes.
  • Corruption, misconduct, malfeasance, maladministration and fraud related investigations.
  • Asset tracing and recovery.
  • Internal control and policy reviews.
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