Data Analytics

Axiom’s data analytics team have the experience and skills to evaluate large or complex data sets and achieve efficient and effective solutions for our clients. Our data analysts and forensic accountants work together to apply their combined experience and knowledge of the latest methodologies and technology available to resolve complex data problems.

What does it involve?

Data analytics is the process of extracting and transforming data into usable information, allowing for the application of traditional forensic accounting and finance skills to provide reliable and robust conclusions.

How we can help

At Axiom Forensics our advantage is that our data analysts and forensics accountants work together to apply their combined experience and knowledge of the latest methodologies and technology available to resolve complex data problems.

Axiom’s qualified data analytics team is capable of managing high volumes of data stored digitally in a variety of forms. Our team then has the resources and ability to extract and transform the data into a uniform comparable set to allow for further analysis, interrogation or decision making.

The Axiom Forensics data analytics team is able to:

  • Extract, transform and load data into one comparable data set to allow analysis, further interrogation or for decision making purposes, including transforming pdf copies of data into readable formats ready for exporting to a database for further analysis and evaluation.
  • Provide clients with a consolidated single form data warehouse or more common format such as a Microsoft Excel or Access database.
  • Use statistics and regression models to incorporate into a damages quantification model.
  • Design and develop applications for our clients to easily record and analyse data themselves.
  • Calculate many thousands of different individual claims simultaneously, which is particularly useful in class actions and complex financial investigations.
  • Use linear regression and modelling and forecasting tools including the @risk software when a whole population of data needs to be analysed, rather than a sample, or when large quantities of data needs to be analysed for damages calculations.

For one of our clients we created a straightforward time saving application that fed relevant data, automatically extracted from a data warehouse, into thousands of individual report spreadsheets. These thousands of spreadsheets containing individual loss and other calculations were then recombined to calculate an overall position, allowing further analysis to be performed.

In another engagement we were challenged with analysing a significant volume of data in such a way that all workings could be presented in a transparent manner to create in excess of 2,000 spreadsheets. This required the joint application of SQL server database software to cope with the size of the initial data set and Microsoft Excel to perform a detailed analysis on realigned data batches. The task was completed with the help of macro and template-based automation to create the spreadsheets required.

At Axiom Forensics we also design and develop customised programs to provide clients with front-end applications that ‘sit on top’ of the consolidated data. When a client requires market analysis, scenario building or ‘at risk’ statistical modelling, we are able to create these using our extensive experience.

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