Consulting Expert Services

We provide ‘in-house’ advice on a wide range of accounting matters, including complex accounting and valuation issues which arise in litigation and real time calculations of likely ranges of outcomes.

What does it involve?

Consulting expert accountants act for the client and provide real time advice to assist in identifying important accounting issues.

The primary duty of consulting expert accountants is to the client and we have experience in providing advice to clients in a wide range of matters including mediations and settlement negotiations. After accepting a role as consulting expert accountants it would be unusual to be required to provide an opinion in court and clients are therefore able to provide a wider range of documents and scenarios for review by us, which assists us in narrowing down relevant accounting material to be considered. This is sometimes done by summarising financial and other documents in a concise and understandable way.

Axiom is not connected to any of the major firms, making the company truly independent. We ensure that our judgement provides an unbiased evaluation of the situation. We also value our clients’ confidentiality, with discretion at the heart of what we do.

Additionally, our data analytics resources enable us to evaluate large or complex data issues to achieve efficient and effective solutions for our clients and to provide calculations outcomes for our clients in a short time frame, which is often required in court environments to assist in settlement negotiations.

How we can help

Our extensive experience in providing Independent expert witness services provides us with strong insights into litigation process (from the perspective of the expert witness) enabling us to assist Counsel and the team of solicitors in identifying the key issues that warrant further investigation prior to briefing an independent expert. The involvement of a consulting expert at the early stages of an assignment can assist the legal team in both framing the case and briefing the independent expert.


We have acted as consulting expert accountants on numerous matters, including:

  • Acting for an Australian Commonwealth Government regulator in the quantification of damages.
  • Acting for an Australian Commonwealth Government regulator in merger and acquisition related issues.
  • Providing accounting and valuation advice in shareholder class actions.
  • Developing financial models quantifying the potential value of claims in shareholder class actions.
  • Quantification of damages claims and account of profit calculations for mediation purposes.
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